R&D Partnerships

The best way to maximize your R&D experience with Novotaste is to establish direct communication between our R&D team & yours. Some reasons why this strategy is effective:

1. More focus on R&D, less people to dilute the experience

2. Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA's) assure that all information is kept confidential

3. As a flavour solutions provider as well as an essential oil/aromatic ingredients supplier, we are kept aware of market trends, access to over 13,000 ingredients. We supply ingredients to all segments of the food industry as well as many others

4. We are directly linked to various academic, government & industrial institutions

5. Taste & smell are quite subjective & using the right vocabulary/jargon is not always evident. As a cohesive team, we make sure that we speak the same language

6. Less time is wasted on formulations that are not satisfactory

7. As the relationship evolves, projects will be completed faster 

Contact us to start working with us to solve your R&D needs!