Added Value

We are constantly  thinking "outside the box" &  trying to see how we can meet more of our clients needs. Flavours were once thought to simply serve one purpose: to provide taste & odour to products. At Novotaste, we have clearly evolved & are always trying to push the technological limits. This comes naturally to us since flavour perception is tied closely to many other aspects of product development. Salt, fat & sugar are very potent flavour enhancers and texture, colour & the structure of your application also have considerable influence on the organoleptics too. The type & quality of functional ingredients can often have negative impacts. What generally ties all the ingredients together is the flavour system that will harmonize the product.

In todays changing world, flavour houses need to work closely with product developers to solve their quickly expanding needs. As a NOVOclient, our R&D team will work directly with your team, so that we can solve your needs ASAP. Our complex flavour systems can be customized to your exact needs & possibly solve more than you think! Our customized flavours will enable you to simplify your label, achieve better product stability, lower costs & generally achieve better results.

Some of the principle functional ingredients that can be incorporated into complex flavour systems include:

1. Natural Colours

2. Extracts

3. Essential Oils

4. Acids

5. Antioxidants

6. Sugar(s)

7. Nutraceuticals

8. Fortifications

9. Texture related ingredients

10. Markers for quality control

11. Sugar Substitutes

12. Salt Substitutes