Added Value Flavour Systems Can Include Colour

The flavour & aroma impact, as well as the colour of most products, will help form a consumers initial view on your product and generally give it character.  Flavouring ingredients such as juices, extracts, essential oils & aromatic chemicals can sometimes have colour. However, artificial & natural colours are often added separately from other ingredients in formulations. So why are artificial & natural colour ingredients not routinely added in flavour systems? While it is easier to adjust colour & flavour separately, we can simply work with you to optimize both product attributes & produce a coloured flavour.

Natural colours have recently become very trendy & it is quite possible that many current products will need to be reformulated due to the fact they contain artificial colours. While natural colours are relatively more expensive, less stable & less concentrated than their artificial counterparts, they are becoming more popular & are even used to market new products. Natural colour technology has improved dramatically over the last decade & has resulted in producing a wider spectrum of possible options for a greater variety of applications. It is heavily recommended that accelerated shelf-life tests be conducted to verify the durability of the natural colour system. So this is why we can conduct these tests & focus on colour & flavour stability as well as other attributes related to flavour.

By working with Novotaste we will make sure to formulate the most stable, dynamic & successful coloured flavour systems for your applications. Contact us today!