Aromatherapy Blends

Aromatherapy is a popular practice, which utilizes oil blends of essential oils and other ingredients that are applied either by inhalation from an environment (such as a room or sauna), direct inhalation or via topical application (such as massage or baths). 

There exist countless essential oil blends that can be used in aromatherapy.  With a vast essential oil library, Novotaste has the capability to provide essential oils for most aromatherapy blends.   Below are several examples of aromatherapy formulas utilizing some of Novotaste’s essential oils.


Environmental Inhalation


Citrus Blend
Ingredient Quantity
Orange oil 50 drops
Lemon oil 35 drops
Grapefruit oil 20 drops
Cedarwood 15 drops
Water 120 ml


Nature Blend
Ingredient Quantity
Spruce oil 50 drops
Lavender oil 25 drops
Eucalyptus oil 25 drops
Cedarwood oil 20 drops
Water 120 ml

Topical (Bath)


Calming Blend
Ingredient Quantity
Geranium 5 drops
Lemon oil 5 drops
Sandalwood oil 5 drops
Flaxseed carrier oil 5 ml


Topical (Massage)

Relief Blend
Ingredient Quantity
Rosemary oil 5 drops
Nutmeg oil 5 drops
Lavender oil 5 drops
Flaxseed carrier oil 15 ml
Revitalize Blend
Ingredient Quantity
Lime oil 5 drops
Cumin oil 5 drops
Clove oil 5 drops
Flaxseed carrier oil 15 ml