Commitment to quality & food safety

The food security, reliability and high quality of Novotaste’s products are of the utmost importance to every Novotaste employee.  This commitment to provide consistent high quality products and exceptional customer service is at the core of Novotaste’s success.

Our quality and product safety policies, procedures and programs are not only designed to ensure supply chain safety, but also to assure our customers that every measure has been taken to control the security and quality of our products.  

Novotaste is HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) accredited and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified by the prestigious NSF-GFTC (National Science Foundation -Guelph Food Technology Centre) and AIB International (American Institute of Baking International) organizations.   These accreditations, recognized internationally as stringent and effective Food Chain Management Systems, are a demonstration of our determination in providing our customers with the highest quality, safety and reliability we can deliver.

Novotaste employees undergo training on HACCP procedures, Good Manufacturing Practices, Safe Food Handling, Hazardous Materials Handling and Transportation, and Allergen Control. We are committed to ensuring strict hygiene and safety standards as well as the highest standards of excellence. The safety & quality of our products need adhere to the highest standards. Management & staff are equally committed to ensure that substantial individual & collective efforts are focused on maintaining the highest levels of food safety.

Our rigorous food safety management system is systematically monitored, verified, validated and improved upon.  This dedication to challenging ourselves and driving continuous improvement, results in the steadfast delivery of better, novel and reliable products, all the while reducing waste and variation in our manufacturing process.

Novotaste is committed to produce safe products, conforming to our clients needs as well as respecting all legal & regulatory requirements.