Examples of successfully reduced sodium applications

Novotaste has successfully reduced sodium in a variety of different food applications. Our customized approach has yielded great results because we take the time to know the specific product as well the restrictions & objectives.  This is done so that we can develop the best solutions for you.  There is simply no universal solution for salt reduction in food applications. Tackling this problem requires time & focused collaborative efforts between your R&D department & ours. The list is ever-growing and the Novotaste R&D team is always enthusiastic  to begin working on salt reduction projects.

Below are several examples of food product applications where Novotaste has successfully reduced sodium:


Frozen french fries (regular & flavoured)

Total Sodium Reduction: 30-50%


Ready-to-eat rice mixes

Total Sodium Reduction: 30-50%


Vegetable dip

Total Sodium Reduction: 25%


Flavoured popcorn

Total Sodium Reduction: 25-60%


Canned fish (regular & flavoured)

Total Sodium Reduction: 25-50%


Tomato sauce

Total Sodium Reduction: 30-50%


Flavoured milk

Total Sodium Reduction: 30-80%


Cookies & cakes

​Total Sodium Reduction: 25-50%


Soy products

​Total Sodium Reduction: 30-50%



​Total Sodium Reduction: 30-50%


Powdered sauce mixes

​Total Sodium Reduction: 30-50%


Cottage cheese

Total Sodium Reduction: 20-30%


Total Sodium Reduction: 10-20%