Flavour Library

Novotaste has an extensive flavour library.  Below are some of the flavours we offer.  Novotaste can offer existing flavours from our library, or customize a flavour specific to an application or flavour profile - be it a classic flavour profile or something new and trendy!  


Baking Edible Fragrances
Beverages (alcoholic & non-alcoholic) Ethnic Foods
Bulk Foods Frozen Foods
Chocolate Meat Products
Coffee & Tea Products Nutraceutical
Confectionery Pharmaceutical
Cosmeceutical Poultry
Dairy Seafood
Delicatessen Specialty Gourmet
Dried Foods Miscellaneous Types



1. Superfruits

2.  Savoury Spicey 3.  Dessert 4.  Liqueur 5.  Citrus
Acai Cumin & Lime Crème Brulée Irish Cream Key Lime
Seabuckthorn Berry Spicey Tomato Tiramisu Kirsch Portugal
Rambutan Thai Sweet Chili Black Forest Cake Amaretto Sicilian Lemon
6.  Wine 7.  Spirits 8.  Coffee 9.  Trendy 10.  Summer
Chardonney Cognac 100 Year Old Type Maple Java Cream Pomello Passionfruit Pink Lemonade
Porto Whiskey Mocha Gac Fruit Coconut Raspberry Cherry
Shiraz Tequila Caramel Iced Cappuccino Black Currant Hibiscus Sangria
11.  Tea 12. Ginger 13.  Soda 14.  Cheese 15.  Meaty
Roobois Jamaican Ginger Cola Old Cheddar Chorizo
Raspberry Chamomille Blue Ginger Nectar Parmesan Bacon
Chai Pepper and Pine Ginger Dr. Pepper Goat Cheese  Pork Sausage
16.  Dairy 17.  For Kids 18.  Beverage 19.  Cocktails 20.  Bakery
Yogurt Sour Green Apple Orange Julep Sex on the Beach Banana Nut Bread
Sour Cream Orange Sherbet Island Pineapple Blue Lagoon Garlic Bread
Garlic Butter Chocolate Peanut Butter Caribbean Punch Pina Colada Apple Cinnamon Caramel Danish
21.  BBQ 22.  Beer 23.  Vegetal 24.  Condiments 25.  Healthy
Hickory Smoke Guinness Bell Pepper Dijon Mustard Cucumber & Gojiberry
Texas BBQ Sauce Stout Fried Sweet Potato Ketchup Carrot Colada
Carolina BBQ Sauce Light Carrot Cucumber Salsa Stonefruit Green Tea