International Variations: A Short Introduction

Over the past several years, various trends on every platform of life have come and gone. Some have arrived to stay, while others have been fads that disappeared within the blink of an eye. However, it is safe to assume that one major trend encompassing all of life’s changes within this fast paced 21st century is here to stay whether we like it or not: Globalization.

The food and beverage industry is of no exception to this phenomenon. In fact, it is safe to argue that food and beverage are the elaborate and transparent benchmarks of globalization. Whether the end consumer notices it or not, the phenomenon of globalization in constantly integrated into one’s day to day nutritional choices.

We at Novotaste are fully aware of the constant changes that occur in the food and beverage marketplace.  We are always exploring how globalization effects our business and our customers by exploiting, optimizing and extrapolating this phenomenon to our day to day flavour development.

International Variations is a segment of our newsletter that is designed to get our customers’ creative juices flowing and to introduce flavour systems and ideas for every application imaginable. This is a useful resource that all developers and marketing departments can use in order to help break down any creative barriers they might have for a future launch, ideation meeting, or long term plan.

In short, feel free to use these ideas as a safe and useful tool. There is not need to worry about feasibility or roadblocks. We at Novotaste have these flavour solutions ready for you to test and taste! No matter how far fetched a flavour concept or application may seem, please leave the worrying and flavour work up to us!

Download International Variations: Coffee beverages

Download International Variations: Christmas desserts, beverages & confections