Introduction to Aromatics & Essential Oils

Essential oils are flavours created by Mother Nature. Essential oils can be found in the bark, berries, flowers, leaves, peel, resin, rhizome, root, seeds, or wood of plants. They are a complex mixture of chemicals synthesized by plants during growth and released by the plant overtime to give it its characteristic aroma.


Humans have captured these aroma components through extraction of the essential oils. There are three main extraction methods: expression, distillation, or solvent extraction. The method used depends on the source and volatility of the essential oil.


Worldwide, the quantity of sweet orange oil produced far surpasses the production of any other essential oil. Orange oil is used to give flavour to beverages, scent to body lotions, that characteristic fresh smell to cleaning products. All essential oils have low boiling points. When essential oils volatilize, the molecules reach our olfactory system which is why they are perceived to be so odorous. Industry takes advantage of this trait and consequently uses essential oils in pharmacology, as flavouring ingredients, and in aromatherapy.


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