Introduction to Flavours

Flavour is an experience perceived through taste, smell, and feel.  Flavour develops naturally in foods such as fruits, vegetables, meats, and grains throughout their growth and ripening, while cooking, and during fermentation. However, the extreme heating conditions used in food processing to eliminate microorganisms volatilizes these flavour components, leaving behind a bland product. A flavourist imitates the flavour of the natural sources in order to enhance the lost flavour or to add a different character to everyday products.


Added flavours can be made from ingredients that are natural, artificial, or a mixture of both. Flavourists smell or taste the source that he or she is trying to imitate. They then use their creativity and extensive knowledge of food grade laboratory chemicals to create an array of flavours with differing profiles. A strawberry is not simply one set amount of chemicals. Depending on the types and amount of different components added, the profile can be jammy, sweet, green, ripe, etc. To date we have over 120 strawberry flavours, all with different distinguishing features.  The possibilities are endless!


Novotaste’s flavour library currently contains thousands of flavour types & different profiles. Every flavour is customized to our clients needs. Flavour profile is critical, but solubility, heat stability, and compatibility of the flavour in the base are equally as important. Novotaste takes each flavour request individually. We will work with you to create the best flavour solution for your product. For more information about our flavour solutions, please refer to the contact us section of this website


For any additional questions we recommend your consult our Flavour Q&A section.