An introduction to our customized multisensory laboratory

Humans are multi-sensorial beings & we interact with the world & with each other in multi-sensory ways. When one typically tastes food & drinks beverages, all the senses are usually triggered. Its quite rare to be able to taste or smell something without sound, visuals & texture/feeling being indirectly or directly involved. This is why we built a customized multi-sensory analysis room to be able to take sensory analysis to another level.

Sensory analysis rooms typically consist of an array of cubicles with a red light, meant to negate the effects of colour. Our sensory analysis room was built to be able to trigger all the senses at once or any combination of them.

Advances in technology & our general understanding of multi-sensorial topics is the main reason why multi-sensory research & applications are not only becoming trendy, but also very relevant.


Marketing: Sales & marketing advertisements usually are focused on an audio-visual message, that is progressively being enhanced with smell & texture. Multi-sensory departments are popping up in many marketing firms

Communication: Smart phones having the ability to communicate smell, well, it already exists!

Learning: Various learning disabilities can be improved with multi-sensory tools & some psychological problems are linked to multi sensory stimuli

Entertainment: Movie theaters are slowly integrating smell into their pre-movie advertisements as well as in some films. Museums, have been using smell, textures & sound to make art & history come alive. The gaming industry is also experimenting with smell, so they can make the gaming experience more real. Music concerts, such as Shania Twain in Las Vegas are using smell to enhance their fans experience.

Branding: Many hotels, some artists, restaurants & companies have signature scents...


Results from some of our most interesting experiments will be published periodically.