Multi-Functional Flavours

Flavours can do much more then simply add a specific taste/smell profile to your food products. Novotaste added value flavours are different then any of the simple flavour systems that you typically get from other flavour houses. We can formulate flavour systems that can deliver the best possible profile to your products, while also containing a range of other ingredients such as colours, extracts, essential oils, acids, antioxidants, sugar(s), nutraceuticals, fortifications, texture related ingredients, markers for quality control, sugar substitutes & salt replacers. Please refer to the "added value" section of this site for more information

Conversely, we can also formulate authentic flavours containing NO problematic components. Some classic examples of this would be our Kimchi, Chicken Peanut Satay, Ginger Teriyaki & Green Tea flavour systems. Simply no meat, fish (seaweed), peanuts, soy, sulfites, caffeine & polyphenols. We can reverse engineer specific flavour types using a range of natural aromatic ingredients, extracts, essences & nutraceutical components.

By knowing the specifics of your application, we can formulate the perfect flavour systems containing ONLY what you need. Our flavour systems can help replace a range of functional ingredients in your formulations & possibly aid in simplifying your label & increase the shelf life of your products. A perfect example of this is our natural chicken seasoning flavour system that can be added to white rice. A few drops of this particular flavour basically can tastes similar to many types of ready-to-eat rice dishes.