Novotaste Corporation Inc. is carving out a niche in the food industry. Our approach is to have direct research & development partnerships with our clients. Sharing of information, resources & technical know-how leads to a symbiotic relationship.

We deal with clients from every segment of the food industry & as a result have acquired specific experience dealing with a variety of technical problems. Our knowledge base is complimented with several direct relationships formed with various academic & industrial organizations.

Flavour systems, such as customized flavours, essential oils, & aromatic ingredients, are the main three categories of products that Novotaste Corporation Inc offers. However, we offer so much more in terms of providing added value to these types of products.

Examples of NOVOR&D Capabilities:

-Replacing artificial colours with natural equivalents in a flavour system

-Developing natural flavour systems containing natural colours, fortifications, preservatives & other active ingredients

-Formulating of complex all natural beverages

-Shelf-life/product stability testing

-Development of QC procedures to measure qualitative & quantitative aspects of specific ingredients

-Resolution of specific shelf-life problems such as flavour, colour & texture stability issues

-Replacing problematic ingredients (such as allergen & stability issues etc...).