Focused on Technology and Research & Development

Technology has crept into every aspect of our daily, work & leisure life. It usually brings solutions to problems, enhances experiences & can directly & indirectly develop new technologies. The complexity of the food industry & consumers expectations are exponentially increasing as new & exotic products are being developed every day. At Novotaste, we are always trying to stay ahead by keeping in tune with industry trends, problems & solutions.

Download the NOVOtehnology guide, which explains various types of customized NOVOsolutions

Research & development will produce technology, which in turn, will produce yet more technology via R&D. This cycle represents what Novotaste is focused on...NOVOR&D & NOVOtechnology. In todays changing world, technology needs to be used as an solutions engine.

Novotaste is focused on research & development at every level.

This site speaks for itself. It has been developed on a drupal platform, which is a cutting edge open source web-developers software. Its power lies in the fact that its capabilities are far-reaching, & it is fully customizable. The site will have such features as having (1) customizable user accounts for Novotaste staff, research collaborators/partners & clients, (2) dynamic content & (3) any feature required (such as e-commerce capabilities).The site has been developed in true Novotaste fashion. That is, Novotaste R&D working directly with software engineers. It will be the first phase towards a truly more powerful, dynamic & interactive site.

We have recently developed the first phase of a customized R&D software, which has dramatically increased efficiency during formulating & various other flavour related tasks. It has also provided more insights, resources & thoroughness during formulating & can be seen as the foundation to an extremely powerful & well thought-out R&D hub of the future.

Customized complex flavour systems are constantly being developed to solve our clients product development & improvements. If certain suppliers say it can't be done, we will give it try, but using our approach. The flavour industry is constantly changing into a more dynamic, young, knowledgeable & demanding working environment. The way things were done, is not necessarily the way it can be done! Our flavour systems can be considered a solvent for different added value ingredients having various functionalities. One NOVOflavour = several solutions.

We have also developed a range of customized & effective salt replacers, sugar replacers, bitter blockers & beverage formulations. We will take the time to work with you to solve your product development & improvement needs!

Essential oils & aromatic chemicals come from all across the world, but it is sometimes hard to account for trace amounts of banned ingredients &/or dishonest claims. In order to ensure the highest quality standards, our oils are analyzed by experienced technicians using the best technologies & resources.