Plan for Success - Novotaste Salt Reduction Strategy

At Novotase we understand the importance of maintaining product quality when faced with the task of sodium reduction. Maintaining the shelf life, delicious taste, texture, and clean label status, are some of the vital features of one’s product that are taken into consideration during the process of sodium reduction. The key for success is maintaining product quality by thoroughly evaluating the sensory attributes by working directly with the product itself. Our team, which consists of qualified experts in flavour, chemistry, food science and nutrition, are pleased to work directly with you and your product in order to obtain the most effective sodium reduction.

When contacting our team some key information to consider includes: What is your sodium reduction goal? What labeling is important for your product? Does salt play a functional role in your product? What processing does your product undergo? A successful lower-salt product must not only have effective sodium reduction, but also retain product consistency that is important to you and your consumers.

Contact Novotaste’s qualified team and we will work directly on your application to meet your sodium reduction and sensory goals.