Regulatory at Novotaste is a multi-faceted department incorporating quality assurance, quality control, production, and a HACCP team. These departments work collectively to ensure our products are of the highest quality, safe, and reliable.

Allergens are one of our biggest concerns. We are a peanut and nut-free facility. Nuts and nut products have been removed from staff cafeterias, offices, laboratories, warehouses and production areas. All other allergens are strictly controlled. All reasonable measures are taken to reduce the risk of cross contamination of allergen containing products. Allergen documentation is available for every Novotaste product.

Quality control procedures are performed on every product before it leaves the Novotaste warehouse. These procedures are documented and the results recorded in a Certificate of Analysis which is provided for every lot produced of the product.

However, even before reaching quality control the product has already undergone rigorous preventive measures through our HACCP system. This system prevents problems before they have a chance to occur. All of our control measures are documented and the program is constantly being updated and improved.

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