Product Development & Improvement

Product development & improvement will often involve flavour work since it not only defines the product, but is also directly affected by  texture, colour, pH & the qualitative/quantitative aspects of many ingredients such as fat, salt, sugar & other functional ingredients. Working directly with Novotaste will ensure that you develop the best product possible with the most effective flavour system.

The NOVO-R&D team can assist you with several steps involved in product development & improvement. This includes:

-Sourcing of new & exciting ingredients

-Formulating of new food, beverage, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical & cosmeticeutical products

-Replacement of key or problematic ingredients

-Cleaning or simplifying product labels & nutritional information/content

-Cost cutting

-Market studies

-Development of a cohesive (with R&D/production) marketing plan

-Specific quality assurance &/or quality control issues

-Reformulation issues (due to regulatory, labeling & other issues)

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