Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is an ever evolving field. Guided by government regulations, it responds to the needs of the consumer. The department is the culmination of our practices and the source of records and documents asserting our confidence in our products.

Our quality assurance department also provides documentation for all of your concerns. All documentation is accurate to the best of our knowledge. Our updated allergen declarations take into account the latest health concerns and sensitivities. As a peanut and nut-free facility we are further able to certify the absence of nuts on our premises and provide paperwork to back up this statement. As the re more wary about the provenance of their additives. With the information from our suppliers, Novotaste is able to trace the origin of all of our ingredients to provide you with a reliable county of origin declaration.

The examples provided above illustrate only a small portion of the responsibility of the quality assurance department.  As a HACCP certified facility, quality assurance oversees all aspects of operation and manages them in a cycle of four steps:

  1. Plan: Any potential problem or hazard is identified. A strategy is created to avoid this problem before it occurs.
  2. Do: The strategy is put into place and all necessary precautions are implemented to keep the problem from occurring.
  3. Check: The situation is monitored for its efficacy.
  4. Act: Based on the results after monitoring, action is taken to either continue with the solution from step 1 or to modify it. If the monitoring has shown that the preventative steps have been successful in eliminating the problem these steps will be kept in place and regularly monitored. If not, the cycle begins again; a new plan is implemented and the results are monitored.

This system is implemented for hazard analysis as well as for general improvement. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our operations, to make our processes more efficient, and to enhance the overall Novotaste experience. The plan, do, check, act cycle allows for this continuous improvement.

See the rest of the Regulatory section for more information.