Salt Reduction Q&A

Novotaste Salt Reduction Solutions Q&A

How are Novotaste Salt Reduction Solutions Different from Typical Salt Replacers?

Our aim is to combine our salt reduction capabilities, with flavour expertise, in order to provide salt reduction solutions that are application specific.  This allows for effective salt reduced products while minimizing undesirable off-notes.

Do the Salt Replacers Contain Potassium?

Although potassium and other mineral salts can be offered as part of a salt reduction solution, most of our salt replacers do not contain added potassium or other mineral salts.

How are the Salt Replacers Labeled?

Our salt replacers contain natural ingredients.  Thus, an example of a label declaration of a typical salt replacer product could be “Natural flavour (inactivated yeast extract, natural flavours, and essential oils).

Will the Salt Replacer Change the Flavour of my Product?

The Novotaste team optimizes the salt replacers to minimize any off-notes to the specific application.

How effective are the Salt Replacers?

The effectiveness is application-specific.  In general one can expect between 15-50% sodium reduction with the salt replacer solutions.

Are the Salt Replacers Approved for Use?

Yes, all of the salt replacer solutions are approved for use.