Salt Reduction in the News

We have compiled a few salt reduction related articles that have been published in the recent while. Salt reduction has been a very hot topic in Canada over the last few years, but Canadian guidelines have tended to be unclear & inconsistent. Regardless of the food industries obligations, reducing sodium in foods still remains a very healthy & popular product improvement move that food companies should be looking into. Canadian levels of salt in various food products are currently the highest, when compared to other G20 countries, thus it is clear that Canadian companies will eventually be asked to decrease total sodium levels at one point.

Removing total sodium from formulations, without affecting taste/flavour perception is not an easy task. This requires the Novotaste R&D team to work directly with your application so that the perfect salt replacer flavour system is customized for your application.

Salt Reduction Solutions

A huge challenge of the food industry is to effectively reduce sodium without negatively impacting the taste or functionality imparted by sodium.  Many sodium alternatives are available, however most of these alternatives are not effective solutions for the food industry. At Novotaste, we have customized, very effective & 100 Natural solutions to reduce total sodium in most applications. Contact us to see how we can work together to reduce sodium in your products.


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